Sunday, 9 November 2014

Deserting Pieces

     And here I am at the Romanian League in Calimanesti.
     The first round out of seven was played yesterday and it was a pretty dramatic one for our team- Politehnica-Antibiotice Iasi. We made an equal match, but all the games were really crazy... I lost a piece on the 17th move and there was no fight at all. I think it's the first time in many years I make such blunders... The other games looked much better for us, but somehow things got out of control, like Kasparov said- "People are not machines, they have emotions and that's why chess is a sport- not a science."
     There are six more matches ahead of us and I just hope not to be so lavish with my pieces and to be able to play some decent chess. Here is the compositions of our team:


1IMJavakhishvili Lela2486

2IMBulmaga Irina2393

3IML'ami Alina2393

4WCMGelip Ioana2169

     You can follow the results here: and some of the games on :
     As about everything else- the weather is really nice- some degrees above 15- a very enjoyable autumn. Anyways, it's difficult to focus on other things when my pieces desert from the board...
     I will keep you posted, hopefully with better news!

xoxo from Calimanesti :) 

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