Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Faith Vampires

     There are very few calm moments in this life.
     When you think that everything's good and you are finally satisfied by how things go something happens in order to remind you that your life depends too much on things you can't control.
     I don't know how about you, but I like making plans, knowing what I have to do, what I am expected to do and work after that to make it happen. I am a very responsible person and when I am engaged in making something I do my best to complete the task. I don't understand why some people enjoy ruining my plans and my hard work. Why some don't want to make compromises?
     I am a student at a normal University. I chose to study on distance, in order to have enough time for the thing I love the most- chess. The attendance at courses is not compulsory, so I just have to pass partial and final exams and to make projects. But somehow, the last year of the degree is special- they think that a student is so desperate to finally finish his studies that it would be normal to change the "not compulsory attendance" to courses. The professor said- "But it's not compulsory, you'll just repeat the year if you don't come. Maybe you'll be able to find time for this next year." Why don't they respect their own rules? I would never engage in something I knew I couldn't complete.
     What to do now? There's nothing to be done but accept their new rules and make sacrifices that I would never make if I knew everything from the beginning.
     And how am I supposed to believe there are no vampires with so many people enjoying their power over others and getting satisfaction from sucking your nerves, blood and from draining you of all your energy, dreams and faith?

xoxo from Iasi :)


  1. As a 65 year old father of two and a granddad of one. I long ago learned, that life was something that happened between your plans.
    Love Pete.

    1. That's a good point- "life between plans"- maybe it should be a subject of the next post :)

  2. Bit of a coincidence, going back through my journal looking at past episodes of Star trek, I came across the origin of 'life is something that happens between your plans' the saying had stuck in my head but I had forgotten where I had learned it from. It was one of the sayings of John Lennon, from the Beatles. I remember where I was, when I heard the terrible news, that he had been assassinated on the 8th of December 1980, so it would have been on the 9th of December at about 6 o’clock in the morning and I was driving a truck listening to the early morning news, when I heard he had been shot, John Lennon was like the leader of my generation I started crying so much, I found it hard to see where I was driving.

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