Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cheating the weather

     The European Club Cup continues in Rhodes!
     We won our first match and unfortunately lost the second one, yesterday... That's the only dark side of the coin, otherwise- we have a great time here!

        The weather is amazing- I feel like cheating the cold, rainy and windy weather from Romania :P I've found out that the city center is quite far from the place we're staying- about a 40 minutes walk. Playing without a reserve player, I guess it would be difficult to find time for visiting it...

     We play against a Bosnian team today, which has an a little bit strange board order, with Sandra Djukic- who is the highest rated player playing on the last board:

  "Rudar" Prijedor
  CS Politechnica-Antibiotice Iasi
Рейт0 : 0
4.1Nesic, Dragana1842-GMLagno, Kateryna2534
4.2Plivcevic, Ivana1881-GMCmilyte, Viktorija2505
4.3Jacimovic, Sara2000-WGMBulmaga, Irina2401
4.4WIMDjukic, Sandra2150-WGML'ami, Alina2362

    Follow the live games, as well as the photo reports on the official site of the event: http://euro2013.chessdom.com/ !

Going for some exploring now!

Keep tuned for more photos and news from Rhodes! :)


  1. Good performance! Go on that way.
    Devastating game today:) :p

  2. Cu autobuz sau taxi, mergind cu alti sahisti, ar fi mai repede spre centru!