Monday, 14 October 2013


     There are nights when one just knows that it's simply impossible to fall asleep, though there's nothing better to be done.
     You call someone and realize that you actually don't want to talk to anyone, you start watching a movie and you catch yourself on the 20th minute not knowing what's the movie about; you think "Ok, time to sleep"- no chance- you just lay in the bed and think about stupid things.
     These nights are really interesting- because there are thoughts in our minds which we usually chase away, but when you're very tired- there's no energy left for doing it, so you just let the thoughts in and you don't rake yourself.

Going back to my uncensored thoughts now :P

xoxo from Chisinau :)



  1. You need love Irina !
    « Que reste-t-il de la vie, excepté d’avoir aimé ? » Victor Hugo

  2. Ma cheama Luca si sunt nebun...dupa tine...