Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas-again Christmas

     Greatness is not to be proved- it is to be shown.
     I think that it's such an old-fashioned point of view- that one should always prove to someone that he's the best. One never becomes the best in something if he does it in order to prove something to someone. Great people are the best for themselves and their greatness is an inspiration, not smth that must be proved again and again.

     Well, I guess it's enough with  greatness for today. Few of us make this category and the lucky ones are an inspiration, but they don't necessarily make good persons or friends- the great ones have to pay with smth in order to maintain the balance in Universe. One can't have everything.
     It is "the old calendar" Christmas today, the one that is celebrated by Christians from the East of Europe, or from the so called "ex Union". It is funny that we celebrate Christmas twice in Moldova- on 25th and on 7th (this might be the reason I've started to run plenty kilometres distances again ;).
     These being said- the stuffed cabbage that make my granny greater and greater every Christmas is crying out for a jog! :D

P.S. Merry Christmas!

xoxo from Chisinau! ;)


  1. Greatness isnt shown but seen.
    Pride & greatness dont go hand in hand.
    Sepals & petals make the flower,
    One prefers to stay outside
    -And be seen- and
    The other stays within,
    Unseen; and still makes a wonder of nature.
    Dont forget to remember us, ur blog readers,
    When U become a world champion. LoL.

    Merry Xmas again.


  2. wonderful pics Irina!!!