Sunday, 19 January 2014

Be a child!

     There's been not so much going on lately, but somehow there's still been a lot.
     I had my first exam during the first semester's session at univeristy yesterday- at English- the easiest one- the one meant to raise the moral, which it certainly did ;) There are five more exams to go. I feel confident about them, well, maybe not so confident about Econometrics, but still- expecting them with a lot of hope.          The session will finish on the 2nd of February, with a couple of weeks left until the Individual Europeans, which will be held in Yerevan and which will open the chess season for me.
     I have been a child today and I have really enjoyed it. It's a nice feeling- being taken care of and who can make it better than your own parents? Even though we can feel it less and less with the years that pass by and turn us into grown ups, parents never give up on being parents for their "already no so childish children". It may be annoying and generally, it is annoying, but from time to time it's just nice to enjoy it.
     As I read in a very interesting course- "Transactional Analysis", which is an Erice Berne's theory, every person has 3 models of behaving: the child's one (which is about emotions and feelings), the adult's one (which is about pragmatic thinking, logic and rationalising) and the parent's one (which is about morality).They normally succeed one after another multiple times a day in every human's being personality and they trigger certain behaviours.
     Well, today, I've been mostly on the "child mode", feeling lots of emotions and not censoring myself on expressing them. I felt like shouting at an asshole- which I successfully did, I felt like being helpless and I received a loving hug, I felt happy and gratefull and I don't hesitate a minute showing it here!
     Don't waste all your energy on trying to be an adult 24/7! It is very interesting and relieving to be a child!

xoxo from Iasi ;)


  1. Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon Irina :)

  2. « Sous la couche épaisse de nos actes, notre âme d'enfant demeure inchangée ; l'âme échappe au temps. » François Mauriac

  3. We knw You mean... Be "young & wild."


  4. Actually, T.A is a method that tries to strenghten the Adult psychological state of mind, as the Adult is the most balanced and mature approach in most situations of life.