Friday, 10 January 2014

Apricot Cake

    Chess players are known for working on chess-solving positions, analysing endgames, improving their repertoire, finding all kind of novelties... Well, I make this category too, but that's not what's been special about today.
     An "Apricot cake" has added to my reptoire a few hours ago :D It's been very easy to be made and soooo tasty! Too bad that novelties don't come as easy as a cake recipe... Just imagine, while you mix the sugar with the eggs- a super novelty in the Poisoned Pawn Variation appears, while you add the flour and mix it in- a novelty in Sozin is discovered and until the cake is ready- a brand new opening approach is lying on a plate with an inviting smell ;)
     Well, as you picture it- I am at the "analyzing endgames" part, finding new ideas in the taste of the cake accompanied by some Earl Grey tea with milk... Here's the secret of getting better in chess ;)

xoxo from Chisinau :)