Friday, 24 January 2014


     How to start better the day than with a big coffee and an omelette? Well, I have smth in mind, but better to keep it for another post ;)
     My last days can be characterized easily by: learning, eating, studying, coffee break, learning, sleeping and so on... There might be some more coffee breaks, but you've got the idea.
     I've never been so motivated to study and get good marks since I'm in University. My only goal used to be just to pass the exams, not putting to much effort into this. But guess what happened now- I got two "10"s (the maximum grade) at the first two exams, the "Business English" and "Communication and Negotiation in Business" (thing that never happened since I'm in University, I had 9.72 or 9.50 before) and I got very motivated to continue this way :D I guess that good results and successes stimulate one to want to achieve even more.
     I have the "Management" exam tomorrow, it is not as easy as I first imagined it to be, but I still have some time for revising. The exams keep getting more and more difficult, with the "Finances" and "Econometrics" ones to come. The last exam will be at "Organisational Behaviour", which is intend to be quite easy.
     I haven't played chess for more than one month- a thing that happens to me rarely, but I feel good this way. I will have plenty of time for chess after my session ends. It doesn't mean that I don't follow Wijk though :P It is nice to watch Aronian smashing more or less everyone!
     These being said, guess what- back to studying! :D

xoxo from Iasi ;)

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