Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sweet 20's

     Half of the tournament has already passed in no time.
     These last few days have been very tense... It's been not easy at all to play on the 1st board and I am pretty satisfied with my 50% (2,5p/5). I think it is worth to mention that since I've turned 20 yo I haven't lost a game :))) though I was really close...
      The last 2 days have been absolutely fantastic and I want to thank for this my amazing friends and teammates who've made me feel really special!
     Tomorrow is a free day and I think that I will visit the Old City and learn for my Management online exam, which I will have to pass in some days :D
     Our team goes neither good nor bad- we won 2 matches, made 2 equals and lost one match.
     I really like this tournament and Warsaw of course! I don't understand why official events are not organized every time in big cities! It feels so much better to be in the center of life!
     More impressions to come tomorrow, as for now- here are some photos from my yesterday's birthday party (which was by far the best one!).

xoxo from Warsaw! ;)


  1. happy birthday and good luck in the next game ;) cool pics!

  2. Happy Birthday and congrats for the game against Sebag (and yesterday save), best wishes, Doe, John Doe !

  3. Happy belated birthday wishes!


  4. Great games, good luck n happy birthday