Monday, 25 November 2013

November Blitz

     Another month is ending and it's almost the end of the year...
     I have some 5 free days until the Romanian Rapid, Blitz and Solving Chess Championship which I will surely enjoy, as I've managed to pass my partial exams at University :) Then, London comes :D

     I think that it will be a vey nice tournament- I play in an WGM round-robin. I will be the 1st Elo ranked player, though it will be surely not that easy. I can't wait to wander on the London's streets making lots of photos!
     I've been in London earlier this year, but just for some 11 hours (I had a very bad flight connection while flying to Bangkok) in which I managed to see only the London Eye and the Big Ben...
     What else? My life isn't very full of activities while in Chisinau- it's more about solving not chess related problems and gaining forces for the next tournaments.
     I am going to watch "The Hunger Games-2" today- hope it will be at least not worse than the 1st one :))))

Have a nice week!

xoxo from Chisinau! ;)

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  1. My name is Luca and I am crazy about you........