Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!

    I've been so excited these days about coming home,meeting the old friends that I literally couldn't find any time to write anything here... Now,I'm finally back on the earth and ready to write,write and write :D  
   So,let's start with the news ;) 
   I had a great time in Germany! We won our matches ( "we" means:Deimante Daulyte,Adriana Nikolova,Lyubka Genova,Melinda Goczo and Lili Toth) . I won both games,the first one from a german player with 2125 Elo and the second one also against a weaker opponent,with an 1947 Elo. It was kind of very funny because we couldn't help laughing every day,before the round,we were such in a good mood that in the second round we just wipped our opponents from the board with a 6:0 score! 

  After each game,I used to play friendly blitz games with Adriana,it was my preparation for the Romanian Women Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships that started few days later.... :D 
   It was also a funny story about our shirts.We all had these white shirts which you can see on the pictures and we were asked by our sponsors to wear white trousers at the first round,so I put on a pair of white jeans and I was quite surprised when arriving at the playing hall ,there was no one but me in such an "uniform" =)))
   Then,I had some great time of shopping  in Frankfurt!!! There was an amazing Christmas market in the center of the city with a lot of sweets and souvenirs... Ok,shopping is great until getting at the airport,waiting in the "tax free" zone,hopping to get back the 16 % from the money I spent on shopping ,among all that crazy people....Somehow,I managed to catch my plane...I even had some 3 minutes for duty free!!!
Part II

I arrived to Bucharest  a Sunday evening and the next day I was going to have an exam at biology,so I took the first train to Iasi and at about 4 a.m. I finally arrived... I was so lucky to manage getting a 10 at my exam! The same evening we ( my friend Smaranda,our coach Vlad and me) had a  5 hours ride to Brasov where the Romanian Women Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships were going to take place. I was so excited about the wonderful weather ( it was a real winter with a lot of ice and snow!) and about the first time of visiting this beautiful city that I couldn't allow myself to feel tired ;) So,not without luck I won both rapid and blitz Championships without doing anything special,just being in a great mood and playing for my pleasure!
 We had also some free time for sight-seeing and for drinking a cappuccino  & a glass of boiled wine :P ( for the first time!)
   Now,I am just happy about being home,with my familly and I can't wait tomorrow to give all the gifts!!!!! 
   I'd like to wish " Merry Christmas!!!!!!" to everybody and I hope you'll spend it with the people you love!!!!! 


  1. Merry Christmas from Friedberg/Germany !!!

    Great weekend !

    Best regards

    Martin Herwig-Päutz

  2. Thank you!
    Merry Christmas! Wish you all the best! :)