Sunday, 22 February 2015


     What happens when your dreams come true?
     That's a question I've been asking myself lately, as the things I used to say "how fine would it be if..." seem to become real after forgetting I even said them. I guess it's just an usual way of
progressing, though I think that one should take a moment of reflection on these things every now and then. You may consider yourself unlucky or beaten by fate, but maybe it's just your dreams that were too small or thought too abstract.
     There are a lot of things I dream about, but there are not so many moments when I visualize them coming to reality. This is a reason why I like jogging so much- the more- the better. That's the time when I get alone with my thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears and plans. Kilometer after kilometer the image gets more and more pixelated. A 10 km jog is the best way of figuring out what to do next for me...
     As for now, Cappelle la Grande is next :) My last tournament was the "Groningen Open", in December, so France will play the role of the season-opener (hopefully a good one!).

     Stay tuned for news and impressions from Cappelle!

xoxo from Snagov ;)


  1. after a long jog all problems fade away...10k or 10 miles!

  2. oopps sorry I made a mistake on my comment !! I wanted to say " you should stop it, it would be better for ....."
    Have a good day Irina

  3. My first comment is deleted, I hope it didn't bother you ! Sorry...