Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Dracula's Peace

With Petruta Moldovan
     A day full of spiritualism...
     You can't have a future if you forget your past, that's what they say. I am not a very religious person, though I believe in the existence of some unseen power.
      I visited the Monastery of Snagov today, the place where the head of Vlad Tepes was buried. This place is situated on a small island on the Snagov lake. One can feel the pressure of the huge history lying behind this small place of inner peace. More than 600 years the monastery has offered a place of  retreat and reflection for the greatest Romanian personalities. There is a tunnel, linking the island with the small town of Snagov, a tunnel which finds its way under the lake. It dates from the time of Vlad Tepes's rule. There was also a prison which dates from the same time. Maybe I'm being too romantic, but I could feel some kind of a qualm there. Maybe it is because of the many souls which found or did not find their peace there... The small walk to this place has brought me in a state of melancholia and reflection on how small our problems are compared to this World...
     If you have the chance, you should definitely visit this place!

xoxo from Snagov ;)

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