Monday, 9 March 2015

Social Game

     They were right... Cappelle really does know how to be intense.

     It has taken me quite a long time, getting into the typing spirit, but here I am, back to Iasi, remembering Cappelle and wondering how could it pas so quickly!
     France is getting more and more interesting for me with each tournament I play there. My first memories from the World Junior Championship in Belfort 2005 had cut my desire to return until 2012, when I played my first Cap d'Agde Open and since when I've started to get the actual taste of playing chess in France.
     Once again, Cappelle la Grande has proven to me that it's a place to return. Being such a huge festival, with over 500 participants, one can imagine the challenges the organizers had to face each day. Nonetheless, I have really enjoyed this event- the nice playing hall, the interesting games, the "all about socializing" dinners, the time spent in the analyzing room ... I felt chess ingrained everywhere and it was really nice. The atmosphere of the event is one which makes you understand why so many GM's are at theirs 20+ participation.
     Despite the feeling that one have time for nothing which some might have got, for me, it didn't feel like there should have been time for anything more.
     I scored 5p out of 9 and I've gained some Elo points. There were some missed opportunities, some of them really frustrating, but after all, it was a great experience and a very instructive one from all points of view.
     All in all, if you haven't been to Cappelle yet, you should definitely make room for it in your calendar!
( -the official site of the event, for those who might want to check the standings, games or any other details)

xoxo from Iasi ;)


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