Tuesday, 9 September 2014

1 Square Meter

     Summer ended quite a few days ago, but it feels that it still hasn't left.
     What has changed in these 9 days? Hit-nay, no tournaments-nay, late morning coffee- check, game after game-check, white clothes-check, late summer evenings-check :))) So, it is still summer!
     Well, on a more serious basis- I am actually playing another tournament, this time- a round-robin in Romania, Braila- "Maria Albulet Memorial". You can check it here- http://chess-results.com/tnr143698.aspx?lan=27&art=2&turdet=YES&flag=30&wi=984
      It is a nice feeling- playing each game (especially after the Turkish League, where I played only 6 games out of 13).

     A big break will follow after this tournament, with no games to play until the end of October. I will finally have some time to process what has happened in the last 75 crazy days :)))
     One would say that it's not normal to play so much in a row and I totally agree, but what to do- have to earn for those square meters- 1sq meter at a tournament, another one at the next 2 ones and maybe they will add up in some 20 years :))))
     All in all, I greet each of you from my still ongoing summer and wish you all a nice week!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my dear mom!

xoxo from Braila :)

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a beautiful morning sun.

    ..but i donot understand this...! :|
    why is the sun shining on ur seat?
    At u?
    Why r u facing the sun/(east) while playing?
    Does it affect ur vision?
    Is this what they call. . . getting superpowers from "sun gazing"?
    Is it effective?