Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Squirrels attacking

     Half of the tournament has already passed in no time...
     We had a double round yesterday, in which I scored just 1p, losing the morning round. I am on 50 % now- a modest result which I hope to improve in the second part of the tournament.
      Here you can follow the results:

1IM Ciuksyte, Dagne4.0ENGF23452481+0.831½11½
2IM Bulmaga, Irina2.5ROUF23962230-1.050½101
3WIM Foisor, Mihaela-Veronica2.5ROUF22162344+0.67110½
4WGM Nadig, Kruttika2.5INDF21272284+1.000½½1½
5WIM Fuchs, Judith2.0GERF23372249-0.451½½0
6WFM Hegarty, Sarah N0.5ENGF21271918-1.000000½

     Unfortunately, there's no life broadcast of the games, but it's possible to download them in ".pgn" format from the home page of the tournament.

     There's a lot of interesting stuff going on at the London Chess Classic Festival. 
     A rapid super tournament starts today, where stars like Vladimir Kramnik, Hikaru Nakamura, Vishy Anand, Boris Gelfand, Fabiano Caruana, Judit Polgar, Nigel Short and others will play. The interesting thing about it is that the first 2 players leading the Open tournament after 4 rounds have qualified to this star tourn as well; they are Andrei Istratescu and Emil Sutovsky.

Wednesday 11th December
   Round 1   
Group A
Luke McShane-Vishy AnandAndrei Istratescu-Michael Adams
Group B
Vladimir Kramnik-Peter SvidlerJonathan Rowson-Matthew Sadler
Group C
Boris Gelfand-Judit PolgarGawain Jones-Hikaru Nakamura
Group D
Nigel Short-David HowellFabiano Caruana-Emil Sutovsky
   Round 2

Group A
Vishy Anand-Michael AdamsLuke McShane-Andrei Istratescu
Group B
Peter Svidler-Matthew SadlerVladimir Kramnik-Jonathan Rowson
Group C
Judit Polgar-Hikaru NakamuraBoris Gelfand-Gawain Jones
Group D
David Howell-Emil SutovskyNigel Short-Fabiano Caruana
Andrei Istratescu, qualified to the Top 16 tournament thanks to scoring 4p/4 in the Open section
1GM Istratescu, Andrei4.0FRAM26703123+0.691111
2GM Sutovsky, Emil4.0ISRM26573101+0.641111
3GM Grachev, Boris3.5RUSM26692666-0.0111½1
4GM Iordachescu, Viorel3.5MDAM26142681+0.2411½1
5GM Hammer, Jon Ludvig3.5NORM26122665+0.18111½
6GM Brunello, Sabino3.5ITAM26032651+0.1711½1
7IM Bok, Benjamin3.5NEDM25402614+0.27111½
8IM Semcesen, Daniel3.5SWEM24882578+0.3411½1
9IM Cox, John J3.5ENGM23822968+1.03111=
10IM Slavin, Alexey3.5RUSM23632650+1.35111½

     I wish Andrei success and let's hope for some amazing chess! You can follow the games and the live stream here:

    As about me, I am having some quality time in London and yesterday I finally managed to play a good game. You can see it here:

    Here are some photos taken from the last couple of days:

Squirrels attacking people :)))

The mighty pelicans

The beautiful "Hyde Park"

     Keep tuned for updates!

xoxo from London! ;)

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