Sunday, 8 December 2013


     And here I am- in London!
     It is amazing to be here- it feels like I'm in center of the World ;) London has been very nice to me so far- already for 2 days here and no rain at all :))) - lucky me :P
     The tournament is organized on a very high level and there is nothing to complain about (well, except my yesterday's blunders). I hope to have something better to write about regarding my chess next days. Until then- here are some photos from my today's walk to the Hammersmith Bridge:

xoxo from London ;)


  1. Welcome to the city of my birth, I live in the Midlands, in the city of Leicester.

  2. Hello Irina,

    I saw (watching live) your exciting game against Nadig Kruttika in Round 2 of the London Chess Classic Women's Invitational. (I have sent you a private message on Facebook with a link to quick analysis of the game. The message went to your "Other" Facebook Inbox so you may miss it.)

    Good luck in the tournament!


  3. Succes in Londra si felicitari pentru medaliile de la Campionatul national din Iasi!
    Am jucat impreuna o partida in prima runda a Memorialului Sadoveanu, in 2005 :)