Friday, 23 August 2013

Sweet critique

     My vacation continues in Bulgaria, where I am with my family. I missed them a lot, so I really enjoy the time we spend together.
     Being away from home is generally a good thing- you make your own choices, you decide what's good for you and what's not, freedom starts to make another sense when you're on your own.
    Inspite of this, it's good to return home from time to time, you get some good dose of critique, you get a point of view that only the people who really care about you and who don't mind telling you the bitter truth can say.
     It's really good  to know that there's no hypocrisy in anything- it's pure human nature and real personality and character.
     Thanks God, I've got such an amazing family!
     Here are some photos from my vacation:

xoxo from Albena! ;)


  1. some of your best!!!

  2. there are many beautiful beaches like this in my country..

    come to Indonesia, Irina !