Monday, 18 August 2014

The other Side of a Medal

     The last time I wrote was just before the beginning of the Olympiad and since then a lot of things have happened.
     Our team was very unlucky in some crucial matches and unfortunately we weren't able to repeat our success from 2012, when we took the 5th place. We finished 11th this year.
     Despite our not fantastic play, I had a rather good tournament, winning the bronze medal on the 4th board with the score of 8p/10.

     Someone knowing me a bit would know how much I wanted to add to my collection a worthy medal and how hard I've tried during the last years in order to get it. Though it came as a big surprise to me ( I didn't expect to get it after I lost one game) I can't say that I was not happy about it. After all, show me a sportsman who would win an Olympic medal and won't be happy (maybe only Plushenko with silver)...
     So what is the point of writing all of this? Well, I will tell- some important to me people were telling me during the last half year: " You don't have any worthy results", "you play rather bad", well, now- here it is- a result ( Olympic must be worthy, right?)- and no one seems to care or to notice.
     What can I say?

 The more years pass, the more I get disappointed in people.

P.S. I am at the Turkish League now, where I hope to play well, but not for anyone else, just for myself, because it seems that's how it works- one should be only for himself.

xoxo from Turkey :)


  1. If that's what they were telling you, then do not let them be important people in your life.

    Play chess for yourself. Take the compliments with a smile and ignore the jerks! Maybe read the comments section to your Aug 1 post and remember you have fans! :-)


    1. Thank you for being here for me :)

    2. Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz...! Get a room already...!


  2. aoleu ce mai faultezi limba engleza zici cai dai cu google translator

    1. Va rog sa imi spuneti unde gasiti greseli, nu pretind a fi o vorbitoare fantastica a limbii engleze, dar nimeni nu s-a plans pana acum :)

      p.s. Va recomand sa aveti grija la "faultarile" proprii ale limbii romane.

    2. I thought I graduated primary skool E nglish.
      WHAT IS THIS?!...


  3. Multi romani sunt mandri de medalia adusa si ne bucuram ca astfel ramanem in topul sahului mondial. Multi romani au urmarit Olimpiada si aproape ca ne obisnuisem sa vedem cum la feminin Irina castiga din nou si echipa feminina ramane in lupta pentru primele locuri. Pacat ca nu stim sa ne mediatizam mai mult succesele si oamenii cu adevarat valorosi si importanti din aceasta tara.

    Cat despre partea finala a postarii, prietenii adevarati la nevoie se cunosc. Este usor sa critici si sa dezamagesti, mai ales pe cineva care nu are o perioada foarte buna (in acest caz din punct de vedere sportiv), neajutand cu nimic insa in acest caz. Mai greu insa este sa ii fi alaturi cuiva cand acea persoana nu este poate cea mai placuta companie posibila dar are nevoie de incurajare si de un semn pozitiv din partea cuiva apropiat. In acele momente dificile poate ca ii vei recunoaste pe cei care iti sunt prieteni si persoanele care ar trebui sa conteze.

    Succes in competitiile urmatoare si la cat mai multe victorii! Multumim pentru medalie si pentru tot ce faci pentru Romania!

    PS: partida de acum cateva zile cu g3 impotriva Dragonului ne face sa fim mandri ca te stim aici aproape. :)

    1. Multumesc!
      Intr-adevar, cu cat trec anii, cu atat raman cu mai putin prieteni adevarati, ceea ce ,defapt, e un lucru bun. Decat sa primesti laude de la persoane care defapt abia asteapta sa pierzi sau sa joci prost- mai bine asa.

  4. This is the kind of result which cannot be understood and classified in its whole greateness by the simple-minded. It would be as if an ant or some other small insect would try visually embracing Himalaya or the Alps. And since the simple-minded guys from the federation or those preocupied proving themselves smart on public forums would have a problem dealing with the problem of a Romanian medal winner, they will hate or at least try ignoring her or him with all their heart. And you can find real happiness and recognition only inside yourself. Which does not prevent me from sincerely congratulating you, in the hope it may add some little bit to the equation.

    1. Thank you for taking your time for writing this.
      I don't seek fame, but I think that the result was at least worth to be mentioned. As you said, it is really sad that people prefer to ignore or even to hate someone's success instead of just being a little bit proud for the man representing their both (!) country.
      You know, there is a famous saying in Romanian that perfectly describes this situation. I will try to translate it- "Let the neighbor's goat die as well".
      Anyhow, I will try not to notice things like this anymore, after all- it is more about making myself be satisfied with my results, not anyone else.
      Thank you for the congrats! :)

    2. It is my turn to thank you for replying :) Even though it is hard to be a prophet in your own country, I would reformulate the saying to: Let our goats... live forever!

    3. And I believe there is no need to send the boomerang back by saying "Let those die who do not like my goat". You will be happier if you just play your chess and live your life, rejoycing when you win and crying a bit when you lose.

  5. Geeeee.
    Chill and Relax = Chillax.
    ^ Grandpa.
    Its just internet. :/

    Im sure chessplayers can deal with drunk comments & wild sarcastic jokes. Its always like this on the chessboard.

    I come in peace today cz Im in a good mood. :p

    I only came to add that these yellow dresses remind me of Uma Thurman from Kill Bill.
    And U look beautiful in white too.
    Congratulations on the medal.


  6. bbbrrrrrr. . .!
    Its really cold in here. and Small too... :P
    small ppl...& sad ppl.. :zzzz
    full of dull grandpas and grandmas! :[

    I better not get in the topic on that one Irina ^& add colors anymore&turn it upside down, cz it gets internationally real & im not interested.

    &i do not represent either side. I havent even seen Moldova.

    Im just the International Hater guy hating for no good reason. . :o

    Do U even know how many times U have beaten my friends in chess?! shame on U! Lol.