Monday, 14 April 2014

Are you on diet?

     Life passes day by day and we forget that we live for being happy.
     Everyone should have this thing in mind. We want to earn money, to be successful, to be loved or to be powerful only because it could bring us happiness and this is what we should focus on.
     We get distracted by all kind of worries too often and it is not worth it. Health is not a currency and there are no goods that can be payed by it.
     In my way of becoming an economist I've discovered for myself that money is an entirely fictional value. It has only the value that we empower it with in our minds. It's a construct, an artificial intermediary between things we value.
     In my way of becoming happy I've discovered that health is not fictional and love,honesty, respect and kindness are a real thing, a currency that can be used to purchase real happiness.
     What has made you who you are- the goods that you have, the people you control, the things that you've achieved or the people you've made happy with it on this way?
     In my way of becoming an adult I've discovered that nothing has value in this life unless I give a "sh**" about it. So simple, right?
     The conclusion is simple- take care of your diet, because what you eat day by day turns into how much "sh**" you give on things.

p.s. I am sorry for the language used above- but important things should be said with simple words :)


  1. Descartes got it wrong!

    I don't think therefore I am, I feel therefore I am, I don't think alive, I -->feel<-- alive.

    Descartes can be forgiven however, living long before the age of computers. My computer can beat me at chess with merciless ease, but it don't know that it can!

  2. We are on a diet and we are hungry for more blog posts. :p

  3. you are very beautiful