Sunday, 9 March 2014

Good Day

     There it is- a half of the Europeans has already passed.
     It is as I expected, a very difficult, but in the same time a very challenging and interesting tournament. I've played against strong opponents, I learned new things and I've fighted in every game until the very end. I am satisfied with my chess so far- well, it's impossible to be 100% satisfied, but I understand that there's a reason I'm still an IM and not a GM- there is place for improvement.
     We had a free day today and as a "real professional" I went to an excursion through the holly places of Yerevan. I had some very good time and I learned many new things about christianity and about the Armenian history.
     Another thing I can't help mentioning is the Armenian food- it is so tasty that I think I will try to learn how to cook some of their dishes- especially their traditional soup "Spas". I eat it at least once a day :D
     I hope that the second part of the tournament will go at least as well as the first one :)
     The other Romanians keep their chances for qualification, with Constantin Lupulescu and Mircea Parligras having the best score among us- "+2".

46GMLupulescu Constantin2643ROU11½½½½4.0422670102.50Official results
74GMNevednichy Vladislav2591ROU½010½13.0158230810-20.00Official results
85GMJianu Vlad-Cristian2574ROU1½01½½3.587251510-2.90Official results
88GMParligras Mircea-Emilian2572ROU1010114.067252910-2.20Official results
166IMBulmaga Irina2375ROU½10½½02.516125471012.10Official results
187FMDeac Bogdan-Daniel2322ROU01½0½02.02022324150.30Official results
251Porfireanu Serban1903ROU0000011.0255133715-18.30Official results
     Here are some photos from the last days:

You can find more photos on the tournament's site:

With Maria Gevorgyan and Katerina Pavlidou ;)
xoxo from Yerevan! ;)


  1. Great pictures of the church or churches. Awesome!

  2. Thanks for your nice pictures Irina.
    If you like thinking about religion, you might enjoy my thesis.

  3. Don't give up - keep fighting! We're rooting for you.

  4. vrem mai multe poze