Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lemons & chocolate cookies

     How do you make a very bad day to become better?
     I have tried all the ideas I had. None of them raised my mood- even the chocolate cookies didn't help...
     I guess that there are days that simply can't become better, only worse. It seems that in this kind of days everything and everyone conspire to make one feel awful. What to do? Life gives us lemons from time to time- the best one can do with them is to make a tea with lemon and continue eating chocolate cookies, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.
     Well, I'm done with complaining, let's focus on some other things.
     My session at University has ended successfully- I've taken all the exams with high marks and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I can focus now on chess again. :)
     It is so freezing in Iasi these days- it's impossible even to take a proper walk- so maybe it's good to get lemons and to drink teas...

These being said, going to make another tea- have to do something with all these lemons, right? Maybe I can make a lemonade as well?!


  1. Dear Irina, you have not tried all the ideas to make better a very bad day. Here are 3 tips with the advantage of losing weight instead of taking it with cakes: 1. sex, and! :)

  2. hahahahaha, good point

  3. Must have been a really day if that doesnt help.

  4. Are your days getting any better?

  5. Good! We were getting worried about you. :p