Monday, 17 February 2014

Horror Chess

With Raluca Sgircea
     I haven't written in a while, as I was busy with all kind of stuff and I've been strangely at peace with myself.
     Maybe you've noticed that I write mostly when I am emotional: sad, happy, excited, worried about different things. Well, it's been a very uneventfull period until now.

     The Men's European is coming up and I am really excited to play chess again, as I haven't played for the unbelievable period of two and a half months. Even my brain got emotional: I have started to have nightmares about chess... For example today- I dreamed that I lost a game because I was late for it :))) It was such a thriller- I was hurrying to get in time but somehow, my moves were slow-motioned :D I really hope that it won't happen in real life :D
     Otherwise, life's pretty good again, no worries with studying or anything else- finished all the lemons- don't need chocolate cookies anymore :D
      I was in Bucharest last week- had some quality time there, then stayed a bit with my familly and now going to Poiana Brasov- a pretty nice mountain resort :) A great trip awaits for me tomorrow-8 hours by bus... Hope to survive :P

xoxo from Chisinau ;)


  1. Hello Irina, nice to hear from you again.
    I've made a slight improvement to my website, that you might enjoy. Just hit the random button and it will take you to one of my links as a random choice, you never know you might end up back here :)

  2. This is my most often chess nightmare - in my dream, I am at home after having come from a tournament in a far-away town when I wake up and think "OH NO! THERE IS STILL ANOTHER ROUND LEFT!"