Thursday, 12 September 2013

Walk this way

     Here I am in Bucharest, on my way to the WJCC, which will take place in Kocaeli, Turkey.
     I expect to arrive in Kocaeli this evening, as the 1st round is already tomorrow, at 3 pm local time.
     It is my last year when I am still a junior and I've already played for 3 times in these championships (2005, 2011, 2012), so I guess that I can say that I'm a "veteran" of these tournaments.
     The special thing about the World Junior Championship is that it has 13 rounds. It's a very long distance and the champion is unknown until the end of the last round. It is not easy at all to win such kind of events, as besides strong play, one needs a bit of luck and most importantly- steel nerves :D (yeah, I'm still talking about women's chess :P )
     All in all, I hope to enjoy the following two weeks and to show some decent chess.
     You can follow the live games, the results and all kind of news about the tournament on the official site of the event: Here is the unofficial list of participants:

     Wish you all a nice day!

xoxo from Bucharest ;)