Thursday, 19 September 2013

Chinese Wall

    Seven rounds have already passed and we have a free day tomorrow.
    The tournament is very tough- as I expected. I've got 6p/7- a nice score, though the real fight is still to come. The distance is very long- 13 rounds- anything can happen. I am happy with my games so far and I hope to keep playing decent chess.
     I am really impressed by the play of the Chinese GM Yu Yangyi (2662),who has 6,5p/7- he shows a very high level of preparation and amazing chess skills. I wonder if anyone will be able to stop him- I guess that the Chinese Wall is kind of unbreakable ;)
     You can find the games,comments, photos and videos from the tournament on the official site of the event:

Will keep you posted!

xoxo from Kocaeli ;)


  1. Felicitari pentru rezultatele de pana acum la acest Campionat Mondial de juniori(au trecut 9 runde la publicarea acestui mesaj).
    Iti doresc ca obtii o medalie si daca ar fi cea de aur ar fi fantastic.
    Am o intrebare pentru tine si sper sa nu fiu influentat de subiectivism(sau patriotism) dar cum iti explici ca dupa 9 runde desi ai jucat in permanenta printre primele mese(si de 2 runde incoace chiar conduci clasamentul) nu sunt practic decat 2 fotografii cu tine pe site-ul oficial al turneului, iar dintre partidele tale doar ultima(cea de-a 9-a) a fost prezentata.
    In opinia mea o partida de lupta, pe muchie de cutit, dar cu siguranta nu cea mai frumoasa a ta(in schimb poate cea mai importanta).

    Revenind la intrebarea mea, mentionez ca pe site-ul oficial sunt prezentate zilnic materiale video, fotografii si partide, iar pentru cineva care nu te cunoaste si nu te-a mai vazut sa zicem pana la acest turneu esti practic o anonima. Simti o oarecare raceala din partea organizatorilor?

    Multumesc si succes in rundele ramase.

  2. Fii tare si tine-o tot asa pana la final !

  3. I found your blog on Sorry to see your tournament did not end well. Do not be too disappointed! It hurts now but it will make you tougher for the next tournament! Good luck!

    Best wishes,
    FM Seth Homa from USA

  4. :) acum vad ca vorbesti si despre Yu Yangyi, si mie mi se pare fenomenal omul, a si castigat detasat si m-a impresionat mai ales runda a 10-a, cand a demonstrat superclasa :)