Friday, 6 July 2012

The magic of España

   Here I am, writting from a small city placed near to Barcelona- Barbera del Valles. The reason-of course playing chess :)) Here is the link where you can follow the results:
   Now speaking about Spain,it's my second time here (I've been here in 2002,at a EYCC). I can't say anything but that I'm totally in love with this country! First of all,I was lucky to come to Barcelona some days before the tournament started,so I had a lot of time for sightseeing :D Moreover,I watched the match Spain-Italy from here!!!!! It was so cool to see the fireworks and all the people celebrating Spain's win! It felt really nice to be among them :)
   The 3rd round starts today,at 5 pm,I'm playing against a French IM- Bergez Luc (2420). The tournament has started pretty well for me and I hope it will continue this way :)

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