Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bitter ladies

     Warning!!! Regardless of the title, this post is about lemonade :P
     After my last post I've managed to score only 0,5p/3. The logic of a normal superstitious woman chess player would tell that posting anything else would be insane,but I have always thought that what is not normal is good, so here it is- a new post from Plovdiv.
     Four rounds have passed in no time at all and though I have not so many points, I have a fantastic time here and lots of energy and inspiration that still wait to be directed to the right point.
     I will not speak much about the mistakes I've made during the games, let's say it was just bad luck. The only decision I regret so far is that a waiter convinced me to take lemonade instead of the desired ice coffee- that's where my bad decisions for today have started (maybe it was the same waiter's fault that I sacrificed a bunch of pieces today).
     So, from now on- no more lemonades- cause no one likes bitter ladies, just coffees and the points will start to come :D

xoxo from Plovdiv ;)


  1. U r right, feel good, U will come back, I still like U, Doe ... John Doe

  2. Uratoooooooooo.........

  3. LoL. Idk how i ended up reading ur blog again after browsing comedy movies.
    Once again, u clearly show us why chessplayers' (esp. Women) personalities r related to programmed robots.
    Robots making mistakes= error.
    Human beings making mistakes= Freedom.

    Robots' mistakes = None.
    Humans' mistakes = Fatal error.

    "Freedom is 'Free'...Of dem all,Freedom to make mistakes is the greatest."
    -dem's the "Free opinions", not advice, from me, who doesnt even care abt the rooks i just sacrificed. There! Take that! Take my queen too. And bishop... :p
    U're welcome my fren.