Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rise from Ashes

     The change never comes easy.
     If one wants to become a different man, he should rip the old him into pieces and throw them to garbage. You can't become a new man saving in the same time the old you.
     We are all like phoenixes, each of us is capable of rising from our own ashes. The point is that no one burns himself, usually someone does it for us and though we see this someone as the biggest enemy, "someone" makes us the most precious gift one can receive- the chance to reinvent ourselves.
     The most difficult part is that sometimes there's no "someone" to burn you and you should do it by yourself, you should commit a crime against yourself in order to find the "phoenix effect". It takes a great deal of humanity to commit a crime and it takes all your inner's World power to commit it against yourself. Making this step, there's no way back and when left with nothing but a burning desert, well, it just hurts like hell. The fire kills each little part of  you step by step and there's a not so short time until it burns it all- the ideas, the anger, the memories...
     All you can do when at this point is to wait, to wait until the last wire that links you to "the old you" is burned and then you are free to write a new story about a new man.
     While waiting, thought I could try to choose the quill with which I'll write the story of.... , I still don't know about whom that story will be, but I hope I will eventually find it out.

xoxo from Desert :)

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