Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Last round at EIWCC,Tbilisi

   The 11th round of the EIWCC will start in less than two hours,at 11 am :)
   I lost my game yesterday,against Khukhashvili Sopiko.It was an interesting,equilibrated game but I had done a mistake in zeitnot and then she played exactly in a rook ending and I couldn't do anything.... I play against Girya Olga today. My score after 10 games is 5,5 points,hope to improve it today! The closing ceremony will be at about 9 pm,I'll come with a later photo report ...
   As for now,I try to focus on the game,though I'm already thinking about the exams that are waiting for me when I return home. I'll have about 2 more weeks  of school and then the summer holiday starts!I'm so excited!  I won't play too many tournaments this summer as the last year when I played like a crazy-about 6 tournaments in 3 months...
   Keep your fingers crosed for me! :)

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