Friday, 8 April 2011

Nationals coming up!

    I haven't updated my blog for a bit and I can't find any worthy excuses. I guess there were just too much things happening (even though it sounds like a cliche).
    I'm going to leave for the National Junior Championship in 2 days,so keep your fingers crossed for me!But I'm really looking forward for the European Women Chess Championship! I don't have big expectations from Tbilisi,but I just hope it will be nicer than the last time I was in Georgia (in 2006).
    Unless I will find any entertaining subject to talk about,let's speak about weather! :D It was a joke (lol)
    I had a lot of  'routine' stuff to do lately,like going to school, practicing chess,hanging between Iasi and Chisinau...So, a little competition spirit is welcomed!
   My fingers don't obey to me anylonger,so I guess I'll just take some sleep, dreaming about summer... (indeed-where the hell it is?????) :)))))


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