Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Winter Drama

     A very tense weekend is behind...
     I haven't done much writing lately as my results weren't good at all and I was not sure if a post with the name "Depressed and discouraged" or "A month full of blunders" would be of much interest. Though I understand that everything happens for a reason and maybe this is just a "wake-up call" for me, one that wants to tell me that I should change my life, that I'm doing something very wrong, I still can't rationalize this... Hm... These ups and downs- lately only the latter...
    Well, let's talk about this weekend better.
     I played for my team- "Schwäbisch Hall" 2 matches in Bundesliga. These games were very important, as our team is fighting for the 1st place. Taking in count my short intro, one should understand that I was not in my best form... The 2 games I played were at least "not good", I blundered almost mate in the 1st game and lost, after my opponent had offered me a draw a few moves before- the match ended 3-3.
     The feeling I had after this game was... very guilty. A nice dinner with a glass of good wine and cheering words from our captain made me feel more or less ready for the next days' derby with "Bad Königshofen", or at least I thought so.

     The match didn't look good for us after a few hours. Though our first 2 boards- Nino Batsiashvili and Alina Kashlinskaya were clearly better and they eventually won, Sophie Milliet, Sopiko Guramishvili and I were in trouble, while Katya Atalik had a quite drawish position. Finally, it was  2,5-2,5 and my game was the only one left. The endgame I had on the board was not very optimistic- 2 pawns down in a Bishop (for me) vs Knight ending. We were playing on our last 30 seconds, it was 2 pm, I had my flight at 4.50... I was just trying to make moves that would not lose immediately... Somehow my opponent got nervous and gave me hopes for a draw. It got not so easy for black to win and struggling to find the best moves in time trouble she blundered terribly and I won. The match ended 3,5-2,5 for us.

    It was a game I wouldn't want show anyone, the only thing I did was to continue fighting... I guess that this game reminds me somehow of the latest Di Caprio movie :))) Yes, that's the best description of it.
    No one could believe that I won, neither did I for several minutes, just sitting at the table, trying to realize what had just happened.
     I think that maybe it's a sign that this bad period in chess ends for me with the end of winter...

xoxo from Romania :)


  1. « Sometimes, you just have to bow your head, say a Prayer and weather the storm. »

  2. No losses only lessons. Progress is always a step forward, two steps back, 2 steps forward. We all go through it. Don't focus on the result, focus on the process (you enjoy training and competing), what is in front of you right this moment, this day. Sometimes that is a day of rest.