Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Feeling Mode

     Why do we have so many doubts about how we feel about something, when the only doubts we should have are about what we think about how we feel? Too complicated...
     When I felt bad- I felt bad and that's it. I can't convince myself that it wasn't so. I can't erase my feeling bad and I can't pretend it never happened (unfortunately).
      Every feeling has it's consequences, no matter if one likes it or not. I can not make myself feel differently than I do about anything and I seriously doubt that anyone can do it. It doesn't matter that I don't like the consequences of me feeling how I feel. All I can do is to try to think about this feeling and to try to understand it.
     What to do? Sometimes I wish I wasn't on the "feeling mode"...

P.S. Please, next time anyone will have the idea to make my "Feeling Mode" work hard, make sure I get a notification before.

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