Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tears in heaven

   The tournament is over. It went neither very well, nor bad. I took the 3rd place, raised my Elo with 4 points. Yesterday's game was unexpectedly difficult. My opponent played a bit weird in the opening, but I made some strategical mistakes then and my position got very bad. I had to give my very best not to lose and with some luck I succeded. That's why I've got a bitter taste after this tournament- I thought I'd win, raise my Elo with about 11 points...
   The winner of "Memorialul Gheorghe Ghimpu" is Itkis Boris, who scored 7,5 points out of 9. Iulian Baltag took the 2nd place with 7 points and I finished 3rd with 6,5 points. You can find the final standings here:
    Here are some photos from the official site ( :

    And here are some photos I've taken:

Ivan Schitco, the pupil of Itkis Boris

1st place U14- Nikita Morozov, a very talented young player

IM Svetlana Petrenko

5th place- Valerii Iovcov

In 2nd place- IM Iulian Baltag

The winner of the tournament- IM Boris Itkis

   It was very nice to play a tournament in my hometown- Chisinau and I hope there will be more tournaments here worth to be played.
   As about my stay here, I hoped it would be different. I guess that it's my fault too- that I'm not the ideal daughter my parents always wanted. It's funny that every time I have a bad tournament I get nothing but being criticized and no support at all (and by "bad" I mean didn't raise my elo with 15 points). Maybe they mean to motivate me, but it doesn't work this way for me. 
   These being said, I'm waiting for some better times to come and though I love Chisinau I don't want to return here too soon.


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  1. Irina,

    Pot sa fac un pariu cu tine ca aici gresesti 100%: "I guess that it's my fault too- that I'm not the ideal daughter my parents always wanted."
    Desi nu ii cunosc, sunt sigur ca parintii tai sunt mandri pana la cer de tine (ca si de sora ta). Felul in care esti acum li se datoreaza in cea mai mare parte lot. Te-au crescut cum au crezut ei ca fac cel mai bine si sincer nu cred ca au facut o treaba rea de loc, ba din contra. Am 2 fete care joaca sah de performanta si stiu ce vorbesc. De multe ori am fost aspru cu ele referitoare la rezultatele de la concursuri, la fel ca si parintii tai si sunt sigur ca si ele au avut momente care le-a fi facut sa spuna acelasi lucru ca si tine (cred ca ultimul a fost azi dimineata :-) ). Dar asta nu inseamna ca nu sunt mandru de amandoua si ca daca ar avea nevoie de mine nu as fi in stare sa fac orice ca sa le pot ajuta. Le iubesc enorm, si sigur nu e nici o diferenta intre mine si parintii tai. Stii cum se spune: "copii nu vin cu manual in functie de model si anul de fabricatie". Treci peste supararea asta, si mergi la Chisinau cu drag si cu prima ocazie.
    Mult succes