Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Why European "Women" Chess Champ.

    I had an interesting game today and I'm happy to announce that I won it! :) I am playing against Matveeva Svetlana tomorrow,I play at the 21st board again,hope that it will be luckier than the last time :)
    I went to the 'secretariat' after I had finished my game,in order to register for the 'free day' excursion. I asked where I can do it and the organizer said that I'm in the right place. Then,he asked for wich of the excursions  I wanted to sign up. When I said that I didn't know that there were more than one excursions he proudly said that there would be a party in a downtown club in the evening before the free day and I could join it.An arbiter who was present at our dialogue asked: "Will there be only women?". And here is the answer: " Of course no,I will be there and some of the other organizers too!" I couldn't help laughing for quite a long time and then I thought " What a hell? Can't we have fun without men too?" So,I agreed to go. You should have seen my face when I saw the 2-paged list of the ones who had also signed up for the party (LOL). I just went out laughing like a crazy :))))))
So,tip for the organizers: "If you don't want to lose some of us to the other "part" make sure that the next men and women European's would be held together !" :DDDDDD

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